Natural Doctors International (NDI)


About NDI at Boucher:

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NDI is a student run and led club that functions as the local Vancouver Chapter in the larger NDI Organization. NDI provides students with an opportunity to practice and utilize team work, communication, networking, and teaching skills as they fundraise and raise awareness around global health in the community. 

The NDI Club experience culminates in a volunteer trip and 10 day Global Health Course to Nicaragua, where students work alongside holistic health practitioners in the local, non-profit NDI Clinic. During the trip, students log several hours of clinical experience conducting physical exams, collaborating with Naturopathic Doctors on treatment plans, preparing and dispensing natural remedies, and shadowing resident physical therapists and psychologists. 

Through service, education, and community partnerships, NDI aims to increase the role of naturopathic medicine in the delivery of global health care, and promote holistic healthcare for all on a global level.

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Are you a first year student interested in global health and volunteering abroad with naturopathic doctors? Perhaps you are a second, third, or fourth year student looking to gain clinical experience abroad or increase your exposure to global health initiatives? Regardless of your year, the opportunity to participate in NDI is always available, as our club supports NDI Brigades on a yearly or bi-annual basis. We welcome the support and participation of all Boucher students, and encourage you to get involved!

NDI Brigade 57 at the NDI Medical Clinic, Nicaragua 2015

NDI Brigade 57 at the NDI Medical Clinic, Nicaragua 2015


About Natural Doctors International:

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Natural Doctors International (NDI) is  an innovative, interdisciplinary global health organization that promotes global health and social justice through natural medicine. NDI is about reaching out, sharing, collaborating, promoting responsible volunteerism and service - building community.  It is about bringing together change makers and working towards permanent change in all areas of health - from the individual, to the community, to the planet.  For more information, please visit the NDI website at:


Watch the following video to learn more about Natural Doctors International:

Bringing natural medicine to the global community. Meet Executive Director, Tabatha Parker and the many patients, students, and doctors who are building community in Ometepe, Nicaragua...and around the world. Film by Natiya Guin and Adam Silberman