BNSA Meetings

The BNSA Council Meetings are held each month to discuss all things BNSA: from Bookstore operations to upcoming social events, to new initiatives and updates from association representatives. The meetings are an integral part of ensuring the smooth and organized operation of the BNSA.

BNSA Meeting Members include: 

  • BNSA President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Bookstore Manager
  • BNSA Social Co-ordinators, Board of Governors Rep, NMSA Rep, CAND Rep, BCNA Rep, Global Health Rep, Kitchen Rep
  • BNSA Class Representatives and Clinic Representatives from each cohort

BNSA Meetings take place every second last Tuesday of each month.


Student Liaison Meetings

The BNSA initiated Student Liaison Meetings in 2011 as a way to connect Boucher students and administration in an open and cooperative forum. 

These meetings were created as a platform for both students and administration to discuss "all things Boucher" in a collaborative and accountable manner so all questions, feedback, and/or concerns could be resolved in a timely matter, with all information moved appropriately along all lines of communication. 

Meeting members include: 

  • BINM President, Executive Assistant, Chief Financial Officer, Facilities Operation Officer, IT Specialist, Librarian
  • Dean of Student Services, Dean of Academics, Dean of Clinical Studies, Associate Dean of Clinical Studies & Residency
  • BNSA President, Vice President, Board of Governors Representative, Class Representatives from each cohort

If you have an Agenda item for a Student Liaison Meeting, contact your Class Representative!

Student Liaison Meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month.


Academic Committee Meetings

The Academic Committee was created in 2012 to increase communication between students and faculty in order to facilitate student involvement in curriculum development at Boucher. 

Meeting members include: 

  • Dean of Academics
  • BNSA President & Vice President
  • Academic Representatives from each cohort

If you have curriculum feedback and/or suggestions, contact your Class Academic Representatives!

One Academic Committee Meeting is held each academic term.