Did You Know Your BNSA Does...

Here is a sneak peak at some of the other BNSA initiatives we work hard on providing for Boucher students each year, adding to the #boucherlife around campus...

Student Agendas

Yes, those handy dandy Student Agendas are brought to you by your friendly BNSA each year to help your organize your #boucherlife. The Agenda cover artwork is created by a fellow Boucherian - stay tuned for details on how you could be the Agenda cover artist this year!

Student Lockers

A backpack, textbooks, yoga mat, medical equipment, clinic clothes, running clothes, running shoes, rain boots, and don't forget...your umbrella. You've got a lot of stuff, we've got a locker for you. Making #boucherlife easier one lock at a time.

BNSA 1st Year Retreat

From white water rafting to BBQs to sleepovers with the beluga whales...your BNSA organizes the yearly 1st Year Retreats for all incoming students. Always a fun time to introduce the new cohort to #boucherlife.

BNSA Buddy Program

Your first day at Boucher can be overwhelming...let alone your entire first year! That's why the BNSA organizes the BNSA Buddy Program to pair up 1st year students with a volunteer 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year Boucherian who can help show them the #boucherlife ropes!

From study tips & note taking, to knowing where to grab the best grub on Columbia, to surviving final exam weeks, it's always nice to have a buddy you can rely on. 

Bursaries & Grants

Need some $$$? Each year the BNSA offers selected Bursaries & Grants to help Boucher students along their road to academic success. Watch out for more information regarding this year's BNSA Bursaries & Grants coming soon.

BINM Graduation Sponsor

The BNSA is proud to be a yearly sponsor of the BINM Graduating Class. Go Boucher Go!

Kitchen Cleaning

We all love bringing our lunch & dinners to school. But we don't always love cleaning up after ourselves. That's why the BNSA & its Kitchen Representative organizes weekly kitchen cleaning to help keep Boucher students, fridges, & cupboards happy. A new kitchen initiative will be up & running very soon! Stay tuned...

Academic Committee & Student Liaison Meetings

The BNSA cares about your education here at Boucher. We also care about fostering positive relationships, communication, and a collaborative work environment alongside faculty and administration.

Through Student Liaison Meetings, BNSA Meetings, & Academic Committee Meetings, the BNSA works to bridge the gap between students and administration & strive to ensure your voice is being heard & your needs are being met.

The BNSA is the voice of the student body here at Boucher. Click here for more information.