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NMSA Mini Cup (NMW)



TEAM 18 = 2 from 18A + 2 from 18B

TEAM 17 = 2 from 17A + 2 from 17B

TEAM 16 = 2 from 16A + 2 from 16B

 TEAM 15 = 4 from 15 

ROUND 1:    12:10 PM    (Team 18 vs Team 17 - winner goes on to final) 
ROUND 2    12:20 pm    (Team 16 vs Team 15 - winner goes on to final)
FINAL:     12:35 pm    (Final round - winner of round 1 vs winner of round 2)  

The Cup Challenge will be facilitated by the NMSA cup team coach Dr. Aaron VanGaver and 4th year student Drew Jameison. 

Teams will go head to head in a heated buzzer match. The questions will consist of biomed and anatomy questions (NPLEX 1 material). Questions will be rapid-fire toss up questions, with the first team to buzz in having a shot at the question. If answered correctly, the team will be awarded 1 point. In each round there will be a total of 10 questions read. At the end of the 10 questions, the team with the most points will move on to the final round! (tie-breaker question will be asked if needed)