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Brown Bag Lunch - Quantum Medicine (Homeopathy Conceptualized)

Boiron is pleased to bring you the first of hopefully many opportunities to further your homeopathic education.  

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What: Quantum Medicine - Homeopathy Conceptualized Presentation and Discussion

When: Monday, April 27, 2015 at noon

Where: BINM Boardroom

Lunch: Bring your own nutritious, delicious lunch, and an appetite to expand your thinking :-)

How does homeopathy work?  How might you explain homeopathy to a patient?  These questions can be challenging to answer, and yet they can be important for building patient rapport and buy-in, as well as building our confidence to stand behind the clinical results we may have already seen.

 Please join Erika Nabuurs BSc., ND (candidate 2016), the BINM student representative of the HANP (Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians), and I for a lively discussion on a quantum physics model for homeopathy that makes sense to practitioner and patient.  Erika has great passion for homeopathy having studied with Dr. Paul Herscu, ND (New England School of Homeopathy) and Dr. Sharum Sharif, ND (Visual Homeopathy).

 Comments on the Quantum Model from NDs, MDs, and Homeopaths

"Wow, I've never heard anybody explain homeopathy like that before! It's an interesting way of conceptualizing what's happening with the medicine." Hermeet Singh, Homeopath

 "It's a perfect model to help explain homeopathy to my MD clients! An explanation like this might actually give MDs enough pause to consider using our products in practice!" Maribel Agunod, Boiron Medical Representative

"Hmm, I might use that to help explain it [homeopathy] to my patients!" Dr. Melissa Blake, ND

 "You know, that explanation actually works!" Dr. Kelly Fujibayashi, ND

 "Well, it's an explanation in the right direction, but it's too simplistic. Homeopathy is more complex than that!" Dr. Paul Herscu, ND

 "Wait, I actually understood that! I've never really understood what homeopathy is, but that makes sense!" Cyndi McLean, BINM Director of Marketing, Business Development

 While this is a REAL brown bag event (i.e., bring your own lunch), you will leave full of practical ideas to aid your own practice of homeopathy :-)