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About the Boucher Yoga Club:

The Boucher Yoga Club provides students of all levels with access to a variety of yoga styles and traditional yoga teachings. 

Practicing postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana), theYoga Club helps to build a conscious and mindful community on campus. 

The Boucher Yoga Club provides students with a means for stress management, increased concentration, increased awareness, and benefits for the physical body...come join us today! 

General Schedule: 

Monday - Gentle Flow with Lauren

Tuesday  with Nicole

Wednesday with Abbie

First Thursday of every month - Sattva workshop with Briana

All classes will take place at 4:15pm in the BNSA space


1 TERM: $12

3 TERMS (Full Year): $30




In 2003 I began practicing Ashtanga yoga as a way to find a sense of community in Calgary. Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting and practicing with so many great individuals, and finding that sense of belonging in the global Ashtanga community, and have made some great life long friendships. Over the years I have spent time studying with many remarkable senior teachers including Joanne, Mark and Shankara Darby (Montreal), Harmony and Jeff Lichty (Victoria), Saraswathi Jois (Mysore, India) and Fiona Stang (Vancouver). 

In 2008 I began instructing yoga classes. Although the main focus of my teaching is Ashtanga yoga, I also love leading students through Yin classes, Flow and Yin/Yang classes. One of my passions is working with children and I have spent much time teaching Yoga for Kids classes and a Yoga for Kids with Special Needs class. 

I currently practice in Vancouver with Fiona Stang at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver. My love for yoga, nutrition and healthy living is what led me to Vancouver to study Naturopathic Medicine at Boucher Naturopathic Institute.

Jordan Morton









I was originally attracted to yoga as a way to stay strong and flexible, while studying in Montreal in 2006. At this time, I attended hot power flow classes and had little awareness of the role yoga would eventually play in my life. When I finished my undergrad and moved to Revelstoke in 2010, I felt more connected to my mountainous surroundings and began to notice the mental and emotional benefits of the practice. In 2012, I had the opportunity to take my 200 hour Ashtanga based yoga teacher training in Revelstoke. I loved the meditation, the yogic philosophy, and learning how to integrate these insightful yogic principles into all aspects of my everyday life. I have become very passionate about practicing and teaching yoga, always amazed how the body, mind, and soul grow and recharge.  

I originally started teaching strong vinyasa classes but over the past two years have integrated more yin and restorative classes into my teachings. Last fall, I had the opportunity to study yoga and meditation at the Phool Chatti Ashram in Rishikesh, India, which inspired me to bring laughter yoga back to my small mountain community. In whichever form I know yoga will be a lifelong practice for me and I look forward to learning and exploring with all Boucher students this year!


Yoga is my path, my understanding and my teacher. Yoga is my illumination, my guiding light. Yoga is my practice, my study and my devotion.

As a practitioner and instructor of Sattva yoga, I live and practice my intention and hold the space for others to discover their own. My mat is a microcosm of my life where I work through challenges and blockages and learn to be present.

I completed a 200 Hour Sattva Teacher Training in 2012 and the day after graduation from this six month journey, I boarded a plane to India where I did an intensive 200 Hour Certification in Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow through Sampoorna Yoga in Goa. My students remain one of my greatest teachers, and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to teach. I approach yoga and my classes from an authentic place of healing, curiosity and sense of humour.



I had my first yoga experience just about 9 years ago at a fitness club in Edmonton, AB. After years of playing hockey, rugby and snowboarding my muscles and joints were stiff- I moaned, groaned, gasped and barely made it through my first class but left feeling fantastic. A yoga session became part of my weekly routine as I found it was helping me gain flexibility and it was a nice change to my fitness regiment.

A few years later I began taking my practice more seriously first with Bikram's Yoga and then as a karma yogi at The Yoga Shala (an Ashtanga studio in Victoria, B.C.). After a few years practicing Ashtanga I enrolled in the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Shala and completed it in December, 2011. I taught Ashtanga Basics and 1/2 Primary for a few months before moving to St. Albert and teaching a variety of power and flow classes at Soul Fitness.

Yoga is an amazing tool and every time I take practice it still amazes me how much one can benefit through linking our breath with movement. Practicing yoga has benefitted me both mentally and physically and teaching has provided me with a chance to help others. I love working with students, seeing them progress in their practice and having those "A-ha!" moments when something clicks.



Sattva yoga balances body, breath and mind facilitating a deeper understanding of self. Each month, practitioners are introduced to a new line of awareness (front, back, side and strength lines) to focus attention and move deeper into the subtleties of the physical and energetic body. Hatha postures prep the body to move seamlessly into ancient breathing techniques and partially guided meditation. Uniquely, Sattva yoga is a self-inquiry practice asking the fundamental questions, “who am I?” and “why am I here?”

Let your inner revolution begin…


The perfect combination of yang and yin yoga in one class! Beginning with a vinyasa style and evolving into a restorative/yin practice, this class involves stillness and sustained postures in order to tap into the deeper structures of the body. Restorative work teaches us to connect with our body not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as we learn to fully let go and simply breathe.