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Today’s class gave us a quick glimpse into the beginnings of Hydrotherapy and one of the Founders of the German Nature Cure
Vincent Priessnitz (1799 – 1851) was a peasant farmer in Græfenberg and is generally considered to be the founder of modern Hydrotherapy (formerly known as water cure, involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment). He stressed remedies such as suitable food, air, exercise, rest, and water over conventional medicine
He was the genius of cold water “Priessnitz compress”, which is a wet, drawing application meant to be applied to affected area with the aim to induce local hyperemia (increased supply of blood). The effect of compress runs in three phrases:
1. Hypothermic phase (in 2-3 mins) – local temperature goes down with constriction of skin vessels, resulting in limited supply of blood
2. Isothermic phase (in 30-40 mins) – the temperature becomes stable, constriction of vessels changes dilation
3. Hyperthermic phase ( in 60-80 mins) – local temperature increases, vessel dilation goes on, resulting in excessive supply of blood
The compress should be applied for 2-3 hours, then it must be put off. It can be repeated for 3-4 hours
Rules of Hydrotherapy:
1. Warm up the patient first, never do it on chilly patient or after meal; very weak person
2. If the nervous system is excited by fright , terror or annoyance
3. Short duration no more than 2 min, speed.
Best time: morning on rising
Exercise after, crucial to keep body warm, or return to bed
Examples of Hydrotherapy as used by Priessnitz:
•Cold bath
•Half bath
•Sweating bath
•Falling or Douche bath
•Sitting or Sitz bath
•Foot bath

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My path to Boucher began as a challenge to myself. I always wanted to be a doctor but always thought that I was not enough. After years of self-discovery, I decided that I was fed up with holding myself back and I took on the challenge to step out of my comfort zone. With my ultimate goal of “paying it forward” in mind, I look forward to the many years of absorbing information in order to challenge and aid my future patients to live healthy and happier lives

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