About the Anatomy Club:


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Can you outline the pathway of the sciatic nerve, including spinal level origin, sensory and motor innervation, areas of possible impingement, and any associated conditions or special tests?

If "absolutely, YES" was not your answer, then Anatomy Club is for you!

Come join your fellow physical medicine enthusiasts for 1 hour of anatomy and physical medicine review each week! We practice the basics to help solidify your knowledge and understanding of the body. 

Anatomy Club - See it, Do it, Teach it
— Alaina Overton


Wednesday at Lunch in Room 7 (Manip Room)

For more information find: Alex Dragan (20A) or Rachelle Walker (20A)

Whether it is reviewing bony landmarks or practicing orthopaedic tests, we're committed to helping you build your foundational skills and boost your confidence as a practitioner!