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The Boucher Naturopathic Students' Association (BNSA) was formed in the spring of 2003.

The BNSA is the voice of the student body at Boucher and is active in organizing many student events and activities throughout the year, operates the BNSA Bookstore, and recruits and encourages Boucher students to get involved in student life on campus.

The BNSA is a registered society which is governed by the Society Act of British Columbia and our own BNSA By-Laws.

The BNSA Council meets on a monthly basis and holds their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election every May. 

The BNSA currently consists of 25 enthusiastic Boucher students who work hard to represent you in different aspects of #boucherlife.

Interested in knowing how the BNSA betters your education here at Boucher?

The BNSA cares about your education here at Boucher. We also care about fostering positive relationships, communication, and a collaborative work environment alongside faculty and administration.

Through BNSA Meetings, Student Liaison Meetings, and Academic Committee Meetings, we work to bridge the gap between students and administration and strive to ensure that your voice is being heard and your needs are being met. 

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What does your yearly BNSA Fee include?

  • BNSA Membership
  • NMSA Membership
  • CAND Membership
  • BCNA Membership

Did you know your BNSA is the liaison between you and the NMSA, BCNA, and CAND?  

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